5 Things Your Nail Biting Habit Can Reveal About You


Nail-biting typically begins in childhood. many of us who had this habit as kids eventually outgrow it, except for some, it becomes a lifelong habit that will be extremely difficult to quit. Most folks grew up thinking that biting our nails was a nasty habit that we’d like to interrupt . But it seems that this repetitive behavior can reveal some interesting facts about you, and it’s not almost your stress level.
We at silver lining have done some research to seek out out the explanations behind the habit of biting one’s nails.

1. You may be a perfectionist.


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2. You’re smarter than you think.


People who bite their nails are often goal-driven individuals who don’t perform tasks at a usual pace. Many people tend to bite their nails during moments of intense concentration when they’re trying to work out a problem

3. You may be impatient.


Fatigue and dissatisfaction might be significant triggers of nail-gnawing. When it turns into a propensity, it can become something you do to keep yourself involved when you’re exhausted or sticking around.

4. You may not be happy with yourself.


Gnawing your nails can be an anxious propensity that briefly causes individuals to feel good. Nail biters are frequently overachievers who set tremendous assumptions for themselves. At the point when they can’t arrive at their objectives, they regularly feel frustrated and embarrassed about themselves.

5. It might be related to a psychological issue.


Gnawing your nails might be connected to a fanatical enthusiastic issue — when individuals want to accomplish something again and again, for instance, to pick at their nails. Notwithstanding, not every person with these states of mind nibbles their nails, and it is frequently an enduring propensity that is hard to survive.