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I spent the majority of my academic research and product career exploring all the ways smart devices and the sensors within these devices can be used to improve
people’s health and wellbeing. As David mentioned, smartphone adoption’s prolific. And recent advancements in mobile sensors that are in those devices coupled with AI technology means that you can do so much more
with existing technology, like using your microphone, camera, accelerometer, gyro,
and other built-in sensors that we’re seeing in mobile phones.

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Among the initial projects we’ve been exploring, we’re excited to share with you the use of the camera phone
to measure your heart rate and your breathing rate. Typically you need specialized sensors or devices
to measure these numbers. But today we’re excited to share with you the ability
to measure both your heart rate and your breathing rate using this technology that will soon be available in the Google Fit app. The principle behind this technology is similar to a pulse oximeter
that you might use at a doctor’s appointment. Which optically measures the change in cardiac volume
at your fingertip. So the way this works is that as the heart is beating.

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